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We do not need to change the education system

We should not change our education system; we have to make another one.
Our education system is a huge slave training for our selfish needs and purposes. We want them to replay our life, to feel that we will exist in our children when we are dead, they will continue our way, to feel that we are eternal, our self-esteem do not let us say “ok, maybe it is all wrong, this whole system of life, this way of thinking, maybe we can improve our life with a completely different approach, we do not have such a beautiful life here on earth, I do not know, maybe the technology is not the answer, maybe it is something else that we cannot even think of, maybe we have gone the wrong direction all this time". We insist in our way of life because we do not know any other. children are the only hope, they have not been influenced by our society as we have, they have less presumption than us, they can think with much more extend than us, their imaginary mind is much more powerful than us, imaginary for us, but it is the reality for them, we should not tell them they have a good imaginary mind we have to say your real world is much better than us, we should not kill every symptom that threats our stubborn minds, we should let it grow, we should make them our leaders, not to lead them to the dark that we are in it already.

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    Mar 16 2013: hello afshin,
    I am currently a high school senior in America, so I believe that my particular perspective is not only the most relevant, but often overlooked(many times reformers seem to overlook those that are currently affected and talk with the "experts in education" who have not been in high school for thirty years)
    I don't necessarily agree that the older generation is trying to relive thier lives, but just trying to ensure that thier children will have the same oppurtunities as they had. However, there is a significant problem with this. Many of the oppurtunities for employment the older generation had is either already gone or will be soon. As computers increasingly replace the menial, mindless jobs, the need for innovative, discerning workers will become necessary (as computers lack the ability to discern or self-progress). You did touch on it, but just to reiterate, education needs to promote free thinking problem solvers....not brainwashed robots designed to regurgitate facts at a moments notice. I can tell you from current experience, the kids who can most quickly rattle of statistics (which they dont really understand) are the ones who are most rewarded. We need to change this convention, and aim for a generation of students who understand the problem in a deeper, more relevant way, through education that can be applied directly to thier lives, aiming them problem solvers who know how to actually effectively utilize the information they already know.

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