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We do not need to change the education system

We should not change our education system; we have to make another one.
Our education system is a huge slave training for our selfish needs and purposes. We want them to replay our life, to feel that we will exist in our children when we are dead, they will continue our way, to feel that we are eternal, our self-esteem do not let us say “ok, maybe it is all wrong, this whole system of life, this way of thinking, maybe we can improve our life with a completely different approach, we do not have such a beautiful life here on earth, I do not know, maybe the technology is not the answer, maybe it is something else that we cannot even think of, maybe we have gone the wrong direction all this time". We insist in our way of life because we do not know any other. children are the only hope, they have not been influenced by our society as we have, they have less presumption than us, they can think with much more extend than us, their imaginary mind is much more powerful than us, imaginary for us, but it is the reality for them, we should not tell them they have a good imaginary mind we have to say your real world is much better than us, we should not kill every symptom that threats our stubborn minds, we should let it grow, we should make them our leaders, not to lead them to the dark that we are in it already.

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  • Mar 15 2013: You see, we are all so excited about new education systems that trains leaders and innovators so that we can have better and better lives. But the reality is, this world can only support so many leaders and innovators. I do understand that I'm being extremely elitst here, but it's true, like the food pyramid in the ecosystem, you need people who will work tirelessly, mindlessly, and happily for pretty much no reason. I mean if everybody figured out the meaning of life when they are 25, to be brutaly honest I don't think the world is going to work anymore.
    So there is a reason why education is the way it is now. I'm sorry for bringing up one of the darker sides of society but in order to sustain it, some people must be kept in the dark because the modern society isn't really practical right now, why would anybody work your butts off when you can make money, loads and loads of them by just moving funds around? Sometimes the good way isn't nessesarily the right way.
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      Mar 15 2013: Daniel, I liked your comment. It completely make sense to me. As you were brutaly honest and stated that if everybody figured out the meaning of life when they are 25, the world is not going to work any more (I want to add to your statement) the world would not going to work anymore, As It Is working Right Now.
      I am wondering if there is another way to manage the world that we do not need ignorent people for the world to be sustainable. Sometimes I think I cannot even dream of another system that works, and I do not know if it is because there is no other system that can work or because of my presomptions and the misleading way that the leaders have taught us to think.
      • Mar 15 2013: Well the leap is huge, I can see two ways this whole system can work, one is basically the system right now, where majority of the people are kept in the muddy darkness wadding their way through to presumed bliss. The other way is that every single person needs to understand that they are part of a big picture, a cog in the entire machine of modern society, and it is true, everybody plays a somewhat important and irreplacable role. That is the only way I can imagine the whole world to function, it's kinda like utopia, but there it is....it's utopia XD.

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