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Daylight Savings Time

On 10 March 2013 at 2 AM we again employ daylight time in some places and maintain regular time in others.

It has been argued that it should save electrical use but there are no studies that suggest this occurs.

In the US a chief of a Indian reservation once stated: Only the white man could think that if you cut off one foot at one end of a blanket and sewed it on the other end that the blanket would be longer.

Does daylight savings time still serve a purpose .... should it be stopped?


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  • Mar 11 2013: I personally think that it is one of the stupidest rituals that we go through.
    It was proposed by some entomologist in 1885 so that he could collect more bugs in his off hours.
    It is supposed to save energy but that has never been shown to be the case.
    It is also supposed to allow more activities at night that rely on sunlight, but in our modern world that is hard to justify.
    It screws up everybody's day twice each year by introducing a one hour jet lag artificially into your sleep cycle and no one seems to worry about the cost.
    If you wanted to introduce two new holidays that everyone got, you could imagine the complaining about the impact on the economy.
    I really hate the extra dark in the morning. I would love to see this bizarre behaviour canned.

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