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The modern-day job market is a modern-day slave market.

When people need to be at a particular place and time and do what is required of them by other people in order to obtain money to stay alive, that is slavery. The 99% of the population are enslaved to the 1% wealthiest part of the population. People, like giraffes, are born to be free. This type of enslavement causes social ills, individual unhappiness and insanity.


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    Mar 11 2013: you never learn anything, but from time to time, you put the same record on. you sit in privilege, in unprecedented freedom. and compare yourself to the worst possible forms of human existence. i don't know what kind of mental exercising is needed to overlook such a huge difference.
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      Gail . 50+

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      Mar 11 2013: Obviously, or you would have already done that mental exercising.
    • Mar 12 2013: I wonder if you are honest with yourself. I wonder if you think the word "honest" refers only to negative expressions. If you seek positive, you may find positive. Seek positive/Find positive. You may want to experiment today and see how that works for you. There are sooooooooo many positive facts in this world....right now. HAPPY TODAY.
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        Mar 12 2013: i sought positive in your original post, but found none. i've found more than century old marxism, and blatant falsehoods.
        • Mar 12 2013: Seek positive, find positive. Some people seem to think expressing negative makes them sound "wise" or "superior" or something. Perhaps you are finding what you are seeking. Since you believe you possess superior wisdom in these matters, I do not understand why you lower yourself to participate in a discussion that is so very far beneath you (in your estimation). You may find more compatible people in other conversations, where you can be effective at making our world a better place for all people using your approach to improving the world, assuming that is your goal.
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        Mar 12 2013: combating falsehood is my mission
        • Mar 12 2013: Seeking and finding and expressing and encouraging TRUTH is another approach to the same goal.
          "Combat" is a negative word (thought and feeling) and "falsehood" is a negative word (thought and feeling).
          You can "combat falsehood" and be sucked into a negative vortex.
          You can express and encourage truth and spiral upward into positive thoughts and feelings.
          Perhaps it is a habit you can intentionally develop, if you want to do that. Life might feel better and be better for you, if you persistently choose positive, whenever you have the option.
          Your choice.
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          Mar 13 2013: I wish you would examine your own falsehoods with some of the same stringency you like to apply to others. (are we ganging up on him? I hope not. I mean this lovingly)
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        Mar 12 2013: seeking truth and combating falsehood is two sides of the same coin.
        • Mar 12 2013: If you do not see the difference in approaching things in a positive, creative way versus approaching things in a negative, destructive way, that's okay. No need for further discussion. You have expressed yourself and I have expressed myself. Enough said. I wish you the best. Let us both move on.
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        Mar 12 2013: i did. for a long time. got tired. i get tired when someone is dishonest. gets on my nerves.
        • Mar 12 2013: So, I presume you are energized when someone is honest and it makes you feel good.

          You have infinite choice about what to focus on, so you may as well CHOOSE POSITIVE. It will elevate your joy level.
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        Mar 12 2013: here is my offer: i start to be more POSITIVE, and you stop talking about economics, which you clearly don't understand
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          Krisztián will "start to be more POSITIVE"
          I LOVE it.......AND it's in writing:>)
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          Mar 14 2013: THAT is too much to ask Krisztian, but some of us might consider your deal if you alter your perecption of what constitutes 'understanding' :).

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