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Rand Pauls Filibuster in the US Senate

A filibuster is a type of parliamentary procedure where debate is extended, allowing one or more members to delay or entirely prevent a vote on a given proposal.

On the 6th of March Rand Paul spoke for 13 hours delaying the vote for the Presidents nominee for head of the CIA. The issue on the table for Rand Paul was the "Limits of Executive Power" specifically the use of drones on US citizens. In a response to the use of drones in the US on US citizens Attorney General Eric Holders first response stated "the under certain conditions the President could legally call for the use of drones on US citizens". In response to Rand Pauls filibuster AG Holders response has been modified to "no".

The debate is centered around Rand Pauls defense of the Constitution and the limits imposed on the sitting President of the United States and the defined limits of Executive Power ..... or ..... was he right to bring this to light of the American people .... or ... was there a better way to call attention to this issue .... or .... since there was no public outcry is this even a issue.?


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    Mar 12 2013: By what unreasonable expectation of abuse does the use of drones or any form of lethal force by a federal agency against "criminals" on US soil, where the intent of those criminals to do harm to the citizenry has been verified, require the President or his nominee to declare allegiance to it's prohibition?…I'll take "Smoke and Mirror Politics" for $800 please Alex...

    Rand Paul's abuse of the filibuster was nothing more than early campaigning to a constituency that already fears it's own government only when lead by their political opposition. I can only hope he had the courtesy to empty his own piss-bottle.

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