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What is happening to the next generation of humans?

I want to know what is going on, All of the social differences are so unexpected, in fact disappointing, look at what their doing, they cant use proper English, they don't stand up for themselves, submit to peer pressure and to whats cool, they don't see beyond their limits, the true enigma and mystery that surrounds them the vast amazement and discovery, Its like rather than advancing we are becoming less knowledgeable, slow, dependent, I am ashamed of the next generation, But again we all take partial blame, some one give me your insight, your idea, your answer...

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    Mar 11 2013: it is good to know that you yourself don't fall for all these traps. but wait. wasn't it under your watch that the US attacked korea, vietnam, iraq, and it backed many dictatorships all around the globe? wasn't it under your watch that the US stacked up debt so high you can't see the top of it. wasn't it under your watch that the president and the congress started to ignore your own constitution? wasn't it under your watch that the MIC grew ginormous? wasn't it under your watch when liberties diminished, and the US state turned into a leviathan, interfering with every facet of human life? wasn't it under your watch that the land of the free turned into the land of the dumb?

    it is the job of the next generation to fix all what you destroyed and corrupted. so i recommend not to make it a generational issue, because my friend, you don't have the upper hand here.
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    Mar 11 2013: I don't think that the younger generation is "less knowledgable, slow, dependent" than those before them or less inclined to discovery. I have not seen evidence that they are less inclined to stand up for themselves or more inclined to submit to peer pressure. I don't actually see young people show more superficiality of thought and analysis than what I see from confident adults every day. I think the young are more inclined to consider alternative points of view and to learn from a variety of points of view than many adults who have become entirely entrenched in a world view (and often a mythology) that satisfied them.

    Are there particular events that have brought this impression to your mind?
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    Gail .

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    Mar 11 2013: I see nothing but hope down the road (after some great turmoil). I am not ashamed of or for them. Our social, cultural, global, ecological, and fiscal systems are collapsing around us. (Not the next generation's fault) When they all fail, and there is nothing left to be dependent on, they will figure it out (just as I figured out a new way to live when my worldview collapsed).

    There is much to learn from the newer generation. Look at how much kinder they are. They respect equality far more than their predecessors. Without equality, we are doomed. Yes, they live in a world of texts and shallow social networking, but only because they have learned in public schools that teach them how to NOT-think and NOT believe in themselves. When the cards are laid on the table, they will have to either figure it out or die. I think that many will choose life.
  • Mar 11 2013: I'm having a hard time giving any sort of credence to your question when I can make some corrections. I take particular interest in you're assertion that the next generation (i.e. My generation and younger), can't use proper English. Please compare corrections and stylistic suggestions.

    "I want to know what is going on. All of the social differences are so unexpected, in fact disappointing. Look at what they're doing: they can't use proper English; they don't stand up for themselves; they submit to peer pressure and to what's "cool"; they don't see beyond their limits, the true enigma and mystery that surrounds them, the vast amazement and discovery. It's like rather than advancing we are becoming less knowledgeable, slow, dependent; I am ashamed of the next generation. But again, we all take partial blame. Someone give me your insight, your idea, your answer..."

    When you can't even use proper English, you have no right to criticize others, much less extrapolate and generalize concepts like what you're talking about. I take personal offence to your question.
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    Mar 12 2013: .
    Tell them life goal is keeping our DNA alive.
    Then, they will be OK.
  • Mar 12 2013: Set the example. Teach the next generation the lessons you have learned. Record your knowledge and share your ideas. Be proactive in helping them succeed, until you are unable to do so and they are left to take care of you and decide your fate. Every generation I can remember submitted to peer pressure and tried to be cool.

    The amount of knowledge at the fingertips of the new generation is vastly greater than my generation. The new problems involve filtering what is useful quickly, then being able to assimilate solutions. I think the rate at which marketable skill sets are changing has increased. I believe that we are trending towards becoming a nation of specialists. I think future kids will have trouble solving some of the routine problems we learned as second nature, like house maintenance, auto repair, basic carpentry, basic plumbing, basic electricity, and similar skills. Programs like Boy Scouts offer a chance to learn some of these skills, but not too many kids learn them at home. Lot of one parent families out there, so many kids may only learn what one parent can teach.

    if there is one lesson I think they might need to have re-enforced, I think it would be how to work hard and take pride in their work, with no expectation of being rewarded, unless its a job, then just regular payment.

    Have a plan, think through your actions, execute your plan and be flexible. That is a proactive approach to life, not reactive. I think we should also teach them to try and not be a victim, or feel like they are owed something by somebody. Not only do you need to live within your means, you need to live below your means and plan for life's unexpected problems.

    I think both of these lessons are best taught through example, so my focus is on doing the best I can at each. When I see the next generation struggling, I will provide guidance and support to make sure they succeed, without becoming dependent.

    Perhaps these ideas will help you...
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    Mar 11 2013: this is flabbergasting to say the least..

    While things have changed, you seem overlook the entire issue at hand. I come from the generation that your talking about and I see many, well-rounded, hard-working and curious individuals trying to find there way in the world while at the same time enjoying their youth. I also see many irresponsible one's as well.

    You mention that they cannot speak proper English and stand up for themselves, well let me tell you this: With the constant cuts to the educational system and the lack of employment opportunities for many college graduates, what do you expect these individuals to do? this is not an excuse but this is the reality (or will become the reality) for the next generation.

    If you look at the economic situations of this generation as compared to the older one's, there are more young people who are in poverty than ever before. Those "old" traditional values your hanging on to no longer apply. Times have changed and if one is looking for a job and an education, the last thing they are worried about is trying to see "the true enigma and mysteries that surrounds them" because this does not provide practical solutions to their problem.
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    Mar 11 2013: I hope that despite despicable standards we left behind, the next generation will forgive us the wasteful, pompous and mistaken band of members of our generation. I think I cannot say it any better than Krisztian.