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What makes the TED talk click ? Original innovative ideas or that which titles the baser human instinct ?

I am asking myself, trying to understand and also seeking answer from the TED community as to what are the reasons behind the growing popularity of the Amanda Palmer Talk ( 1,124,100 hits since March 2013)) viz a viz Sugata Mitra Talk (534,434 hits since Feb 2013)

Is it on account of original idea shared or other factors.


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    Mar 10 2013: Here are the most viewed TED talks:

    Out of these top 20 videos we find that there are 11 videos relating to self improvement of sorts (becoming successful, motivation, overcoming social limitations, technological improvements that we could utilize..)

    So I would assume that (statistically speaking) what makes for the most popular talk is one on how we can make lives better for ourselves primarily and other people secondarily.
    *shrugs shoulders*

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