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What makes the TED talk click ? Original innovative ideas or that which titles the baser human instinct ?

I am asking myself, trying to understand and also seeking answer from the TED community as to what are the reasons behind the growing popularity of the Amanda Palmer Talk ( 1,124,100 hits since March 2013)) viz a viz Sugata Mitra Talk (534,434 hits since Feb 2013)

Is it on account of original idea shared or other factors.


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    Gail . 50+

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    Mar 10 2013: I think that Amanda speaks to the dream that still lives within us all; the dream that is terrified into submission; the dream that longs for release from the prison of fear - the dream of authenticity and something far more than mere hope in a very dark world. She speaks to the best in us - as individuals and as communities in a time when individualsm is culturally unacceptable and communities are gone. She reminds us that we are OK.

    Her story is poetic so it reaches a deeper level - a memory of sorts. I would not call it a baser, but then as I am American and your are Indian, our word meanings may not be shared.

    Mitra is really talking about enabling the same thing in an evolving culture. But he offers an intellectual argument and asks us to reason and follow the evidence through a logical process.

    The reason (in my opinion) that Mitra is less popular is because the satisfying intellectual reasoning that is required to gain the most from his talk has been indoctrinated (programmed/brainwashed) out of us through our participation in what our culture calls "education". Most people don't know "how" to use critical thinking.

    I didn't learn how to think again until I was in my 30s. I didn't understand the "hippie movement" (that had Amanda's dream) until that moment when my mind turned on again - but by then, it was too late. My reasoning ability had been turned off for so long (while I learned required lessons by rote and I learned HOW to turn off my mind when it wandered beyond the core curriculum), I had forgotten who and what I am (thus who and what you are).

    The two dreams are similar if not the same. But it takes different messengers to speak to different people. Utimately, IN OUR CULTURE, it takes the dream (Amanda) and the route to attainment of the dream (Sugata) to get there. We live in a culture where the people are the enemy. Ah, to live in a world where people are respected!

    She voices that respect very clearly. He does it indirectly.

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