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How did you use your education to help or change the society? You did, didn't you?

A kindergarten teacher has as much power to change the society for the better as a pioneer in politics. The ability to change the world roots from education and inspiration. Did you change the world yet, even if its by the tiniest bit? So how do you think an education helps?


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  • Mar 10 2013: As an artist, I have had many students who are challenged in various ways. To open a child or adult's mind to art, in its various forms, opens the mind to many other things. The beauty within as well as out.
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      Mar 11 2013: No doubt about it! Art therapy is gaining prominence all over the world these days. Since you are an artist, can I ask, according to you, why do you think opening ones mind to art opens the mind to other things? What is it about art in its various forms, that helps someone? Do you think its a primal instinct or does it have a more complex answer to it?

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