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How did you use your education to help or change the society? You did, didn't you?

A kindergarten teacher has as much power to change the society for the better as a pioneer in politics. The ability to change the world roots from education and inspiration. Did you change the world yet, even if its by the tiniest bit? So how do you think an education helps?


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  • Mar 10 2013: I majored in economics. I came up with some ideas that have been used (e.g., Gross National Happiness measure of success of a nation's economic system used in Tibet) and did research, analysis and writing that has been used by others. Now I am encouraging the implementation of a 3-day/24-hour work week to reflect worker productivity, improve quality of life, dissolve some social ills. I would also like to see a $30-per-hour minimum wage so people can live in dignity, health and have time to live in accordance with their own good values. I have written and had published Letters-to-the Editor and Op-Ed pieces on related issues such as paying creative people the fair value of their output while they are still alive (think van Gogh, Mozart and infinite other impoverished artists who died prematurely while sellers of their work reaped the value of their work.) I think an education helps when it allows for individual creativity to occur and individual thinking, rather than mimicking professors and the past. Those who studied history seem to repeat the mistakes. Education should not be used to brainwash children in the erroneous ways of their ancestors. Power to the positive.
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      Mar 11 2013: I was looking into the 'Gross National Happiness measure of success of a nation's economic system', and it really seems to be a great idea. This reminds me of a scene from Sherlock Holmes, where Holmes makes various deductions from a victim's watch; however he fails to make the most rudimentary of all the deduction from the watch, which Watson points out: The time. A whole society plays a huge role in the economy, It is a shame that economics does delve so much more into numbers than the most major element of a stable society: happiness/satisfaction. I hope I did not sound too ignorant!
      • Mar 12 2013: Thank you, Parik. Whenever you express your true thoughts and feelings, I appreciate it. As we know, there are many factors that cause happiness. I was thinking that the quantity of smiles-per-day on the faces of children is one indicator of the success of a society.

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