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How did you use your education to help or change the society? You did, didn't you?

A kindergarten teacher has as much power to change the society for the better as a pioneer in politics. The ability to change the world roots from education and inspiration. Did you change the world yet, even if its by the tiniest bit? So how do you think an education helps?


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    Mar 10 2013: My education throughout my life has been an enormous asset to me, which I have used every day in countless ways. I was fortunate to be very open to experience from an early age and thus to be able to learn from school and outside of school experiences, not having a disposition to shut anything of that out.

    My adult life has been all about using that education and what I have made of it as well as giving by who I am.
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      Mar 10 2013: That is nice to hear. I did not quite get what you meant when you said "what I have made of it as well as giving by who I am." Instead of asking how you used the education, I would love to see from your point of upbringing, what is the basics to helping to change the society?
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        Mar 10 2013: Here is what I meant. I feel that what I know and any gifts or talents I may have are for sharing or putting to a broader benefit. Anything I learn, I turn around to ask how my understanding can benefit others.

        I am from a family of hard-working immigrants of extremely modest means. My parents were high school graduates who valued education for their children at the local public schools. I don't remember hearing a message at home about the importance of service in particular, but it never occured to me, I think, not to try to use what I understood or had for broader good.

        I suspect that, like openness to experience, which is definitely a personality trait, the sense of connection and therefore of needing to share is as well.

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