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How did you use your education to help or change the society? You did, didn't you?

A kindergarten teacher has as much power to change the society for the better as a pioneer in politics. The ability to change the world roots from education and inspiration. Did you change the world yet, even if its by the tiniest bit? So how do you think an education helps?


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  • Mar 10 2013: I think you are already assuming the answer. Not all teachers always are positive influences on their students. Being a ta in Grad School, a JC instructor, and a substitue teacher - I really question about the contribution one can make to those not interested in learning. Maybe that's only a problem in so called Rich Countries. INTJ's do not value boring people. However, sometime in TED conversations or the Huffington Post even I will find others value what I wrote. I have certainly learned a great deal from others in Grad Student bull sessions, the Lawyers Lounge at the courthouse, reading TED conversations and comments in the Huffington Post. I learned a great deal from another TEDster in a conversation I started on the Keystone Pipeline. He taught me a great deal. I believe that it is due to his curiousity, intelligence, and superior news coverage, and more serious politicians in Canada.
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      Mar 10 2013: Well put, sir. I would agree with you regarding the ' contribution one can make to those not interested in learning', but then again learning does not have to be limited to the parameters of a classroom as your rightly pointed out. As from your conclusion I understand that only people who are willing and curious will be able to change, and not others. But don't you think that is the precise reason of an education: To find a way, by applying ones knowledge, to get uninterested people interested?
      • Mar 10 2013: no,good education can advocate ourselves to live a happy life.And I think happiness is contagious.
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          Mar 10 2013: That will always be true. Smiles are contagious diseases, always be carrier! But again, this thread is more about advocating the society more than one individual, and if you think the latter is relevant to the former, I would love for you to elaborate!

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