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How did you use your education to help or change the society? You did, didn't you?

A kindergarten teacher has as much power to change the society for the better as a pioneer in politics. The ability to change the world roots from education and inspiration. Did you change the world yet, even if its by the tiniest bit? So how do you think an education helps?


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    Mar 10 2013: I have changed. Will that count?
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      Mar 10 2013: For the better? :D How have you changed?
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        Mar 10 2013: Honestly speaking my education did not give me much opportunity to change or help the society. After completing my engineering graduation I got a good enough job but for over three decades I remained part of a monolithic system that create atrocities in the name of development. I had family to care for and the job was paying.
        However, I used my education, which is nothing more than a particular skill, to survive and prosper in common sense of meaning and reasonably free to learn a lesson from the world around me. I can now see authenticity as different from authority, learning as distinct from knowledge and substance as unique from content.
        I am still in the process of giving up sugar before telling diabetics to quit it. I think I have become harmless.
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          Mar 11 2013: The fact that you have used the word 'harmless' to me is very thought-provoking. I guess a society is really toxicated if its individuals say that being harmless is the most significant contribution to their services. And I would kind of agree with you, coming from the society such as yourself. Although you are older and much wiser than me, would I be wrong in sensing a air of passivity in your tone?. In our part of the world, instead of we moulding the society, don't you think the society moulds us?
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        Mar 11 2013: Dear Parikshit, I can only admit my old age (I am 51) but not wisdom. :)
        I won't say you are wrong to sense passivity because I am certainly no activist. I am more mindful about my mistakes, and I can assure there were many, than my achievements. I try to convey to people what I learnt from those and advise them, if asked, ways and means how they can avoid making those mistakes.
        I have a modest website where you can read my rants (more than 30,000 times these have been read). I am a member of European Journalism Center where I have written modestly too (a collective 40,000 reads here too). If you have heard about Business Insider, you can find my article there too.
        That apart, I am pretty ordinary to take the society in my hand and change it substantially.

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