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Instead of testing student's comprehension on material, teachers use the standard grading system to justify a student's future.

I tend to think that grade books are only used for the sole purpose of determining a student's future. I consider myself to be an educated student, with a 4.2 GPA. However, I still disagree with the grading scales commonly used by teachers in the US.

First off, students usually spend most of their time at school socializing about the latest gossip or post on Facebook. Social networks have forced a barrier around our learning capabilities. An average student might go home after school with a few friends. When nine o' clock hits, the student either forgets about the homework or decided not to work on it. The next day, 2 minutes before class starts, the student might ask another student to copy the homework given the previous day. During class, both student receive the same grade, while only one student may interpret the lesson of the homework.

Secondly, students take school for granted. The importance of school is not derived by teachers talking, but derived from the students listening and comprehending the material. Students don't take school as a learning opportunity, which usually tends to be free.

Lastly, grades can't depict one's education. I could have easily completed the homework given, but, as the test is being taken, I might not remember a section of what I learned, or a certain name or phrase I read. Failing to correctly answer a few problems on an assessment may drop my class grade, which overall, affects my GPA.

What college is going to accept a student who has bad understanding of the molar ratios of different elements and compounds? How is learning this material going to help me in my future, when I know I'm not going to be a chemist? I could easily decide not to answer the questions that appear on my test, but how does that signify what I've learned? A simple dot on a piece of paper can determine one's future. A student's education should be approached in a more individualized manor, preparing students for their future, and not for their present.


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  • Mar 25 2013: I believe everything you say about the students of today. We have gone from Baby Boomer generation learning Latin and Greek [Philosophy] to Gen X with just English to Gen Next having remedial English in college. Gen Text is OMG, WTF, W/E.
    I just don't fault them. They have not set the standards, only met them. They are not failing a system, the system is failing them. Overindebted before puberty (national debt) and undereducated before adulthood. Your future is exactly how you see it. Perception is Reality. A whole generation with cuts to education when increases are necessary. "Investment in Education pays the best Dividend"-Dr. Franklin. Perception, Logic, Wisdom, Theory/Abstract are the "Chain of Conscious". When you are awake you are conscious. When you are conscious you are thinking. You cannot doubt thinking. You are conscious therefor you are. "Information is not Knowledge {logic}"-Einstein."Knowledge isn't even close to Wisdom"-Me. I use the analogy because I equate info/facts to perception, and of course knowledge to logic. I would say our youth is educated more at the perception level and barely on the logic level. The wisdom level would, more or less, be teaching Philosophy and/or Physics. At the university level, we would advance to the Theory level. In this Abstract level it is no longer the subject, but the method. Not the topic, but the process. I learned this not at school, for the system failed me, 25 years ago, but the way I see it, THEY got no diploma from ME. I fell through the cracks, but today it seems to be a canyon for many students. I was "wise" enough to erase that education (except math) and realize the intrinsic value of Self Directed Learning (SDL) which allows me to seek many teachers for the same subject and to be able to understand most anything that I am interested in. Our youth are being babysit by technology, instead of valuable education through it. Their apathy towards Education must be replaced with a Sense of Urgency. Gen U

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