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Are science & spirituality one and the same?

I believe they are it’s just they use different deductive reasoning processors to evaluate to become further aware, what do you think?


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    Mar 14 2013: Singh~ Science is.... factoring of true and false, positive and negative with conclusion. It is never final and what is accepted as a fact today may be modified or even discarded by the events of tomorrow. In the natural world, fact can be tested. It can also be inferred or explained by incorporation of facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses. That is the best way I know to describe a fact in the natural world of science. Is this not true fact?
    • Mar 15 2013: It seems the True Fact is that has not changed and still can be " tested... also be inferred or explained by incorporation of facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses." Example Nature's elemental characteristics water, air have remained unchanged, cannot be "modified or even discarded by the events of tomorrow."
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        Mar 15 2013: We new the big bang theory existed, we then had to prove it outside of theory, by all logical means it was true. It was then tested and found, in my consideration, as law (thus far discovered) to creation. Loved that project!. Don't think that the molecular structure of water and air were never debated, tested and then were written. For they were the very forefront to the laws of science, along with an apple. Oh, and water does change in its molecular structure, hence the term Ice, and does return as water, or vapor and then can be discarded into thin air only to begin again, as water. Interesting!
      • Mar 17 2013: I can't agree to your statement that Nature's elemental characteristics (of) water,air have remained unchanged, cannot be modified ....". How do you characterize/define water or air? I believe that the components of air are still explored and explored by modern physics. New components are discovered. And the composition of it has been the hot topic related to the global warming argument. Indeed we are trying disparately to modify the composition of the atmospheric air nowaday.
        Let me add a comment to the distinction between the spirituality and science. spirituality comes from human conciousness about the environment and about himself. And science is just a physical exploration driven by his curiousity. about his physical environment. And religion really has very little influence to the war, it is simply utilized to justify the human nature of selective competition among ourselves.
        • Mar 17 2013: Have human despite technological advancements of Science , switched to anything other than air for natural breathing or drinking water for survival - what Likely continued for past nearly fifty thousand year of some recorded human history ? Changes in or discovering new air compositions or charging / bottling of water doesn't change these being the basic elements characteristics with 2/3 rd of human body as water. Any evidence from both science or spirituality that in past human breathe through what is not Air or drank what is not understood as water today. Science may have explored atomic / molecular/ compositional dimensions of Air, Water - have science or spirituality being able to produce something that will replace/ change needs of these two - it is from this essential prospective these have remained unchanged. thus shouold be distinguished as true facts rather than simple facts. Both Science and religion/ spirituality have these common grounds to start building up on - if air , one breathes doesn't produce a consciousness what will spirituality or science be worth of ? Or needed for

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