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Are science & spirituality one and the same?

I believe they are it’s just they use different deductive reasoning processors to evaluate to become further aware, what do you think?


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  • Mar 16 2013: I'm newly introduced here and this is my first dip in. I find quite a lot of the comments interesting, & would like to comment on a few points. Religion is not synonymous with spitiuality. It may be, but observably the doctrines and practice of religion(s) are not necessarily at all. Neither is spirituality synonymous with feeling or emotion, which is only a part of spitiuality. Spirituality is, surely, about an awareness that goes well beyond self, connectiong us to all. and it is understood by the whole self, intellectually as much as that feeling of vast connection. It is evident through what we say, how we say, and action, even when that action includes 'non-action'. Being aware involves an intimate understanding and understanding comes from knowledge. Science also is intimately concerned with understanding, and by studying and researching comes to these detailed understanding and awareness. They hav found, for example, so many things that were previously though otherwise. Somebody said here that we should not confuse our physical experience with our emotional or 'spiritual' experience. [Much evil comes from this confusion....] Yet science, through the study of cell receptors and ligands, has found that the hormonal release triggered by emotional response always causes a physical reaction - one can not separate them. We can recognise this in cases of embarassment - thought, feeling and physical symptoms all affecting us simultaneously.
    Somebody else also said that to talk about science and spirituality is actually useful. We could find arguments to say just about any 'this & that' is one and the same.
    I am very interested in scientific developments and discoveries and learn a great deal, but I am also interested by much recent scientific research that, altho disproves previously held scientific ideologies, matches those I've learnt about through Buddhist teachings.
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      Mar 16 2013: G’day Fiona

      Now this is a good point, true spirituality is about awareness & so is science. I find the biggest problem we have in the west is we get an ideology & turn it into something else to suite our own ideologies which totally changes the intimal ideological belief to something quite different. You look at Yoga how that has been changed, one person here didn’t even realise the spiritual aspects of Yoga. You can’t practice Yoga or any other eastern ideology properly if you only understand what you want out of these ideologies & spiritual practices.

      Our own spirituality in the west is churched based with certain doctrines to follow that can hinder our awareness but if one is happy within this system that’s a good thing as long as they don’t push their ideologies onto people who are more spiritually aware because they don’t have the same hindrances within their beliefs but in saying this the east also have certain religions that do exactly the same as western religions have & still do today.

      So do you think they are one of the same Fiona? But of course this depends on which way one looks at them.


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