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Are science & spirituality one and the same?

I believe they are it’s just they use different deductive reasoning processors to evaluate to become further aware, what do you think?


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  • Mar 16 2013: NOPE.

    Science uses yesterday's crystallization to "prove" and "disprove", always at least 1 step behind, while dissecting the immeasurable - like a salt-water drop trying to "dissect" the ocean.
    It makes every one believe they LIVE on a spinning BALL, while they cannot even stand on one. A Ball HAS NO horizon, and CANNOT BE "measured" in "square" anything, or divided in grids, while navigated with FLAT maps of quadrants, and being covered with FLAT water that does not bend, unless falling...

    The Absolute One (Sh'ma), called God, in order to give Him glory, wants us to RISE ABOVE what "is" and acquire the wisdom (lit. white field: error-FREE realm) to BE AS GODS, acquire eternal life by overcoming "death" via the ONLY gateway: the Mind.
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      Mar 16 2013: ....

      Well, this certainly brought clarity to the issue
      • Mar 16 2013: Whaaat - was it not clear that the point for our physical existence on earth in the ongoing drama, or is it movie, "Heaven & Earth" (Theory & Practice) is Overcoming Death ?

        Any "scientist", or is it seance-operator for there LITERALLY IS NO "past", for light supersedes itself every trillionth of each second whereby replenishing the visible, should know that Unless The Universe (ONE verse) would be SIMULTANEOUSLY run in Absolute Timing & Synchronous Precision (RAM!), NOTHING could exist?

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