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Are science & spirituality one and the same?

I believe they are it’s just they use different deductive reasoning processors to evaluate to become further aware, what do you think?


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    Mar 16 2013: G’day TED Followers

    I take it that outside the cosmos it’s dead space, it has no driving force to propel anything so how did the matter & anti-matter come into contact in dead space to create the universe & complex thought on its own?

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      Mar 16 2013: You need to read a few books on cosmology and general relativity.

      There is no space outside the universe. Space and time do not have meaning without massive particles.

      Some people believe that the universe started from "nothing". What's funny is that some people are convinced that science has evidence of this. I've talked to a devout atheist who said to me trying to explain the concept that "before" the big bang, there was no time and no space and no matter - just emptiness. I'm still wondering when that was and what was empty.

      When space, time, and laws of physics loose meaning, we don't get "nothing". We get complete uncertainty and lack of meaning. Meaning and certainty are created when we start drawing boundaries and can distinguish between "A" and "not A". "Meaning is exclusion" http://www.logictutorial.com/. The more possibilities we exclude by what we say, the more meaningful is our statement.

      So, you can say that "science is the same as spirituality" or "emotional experience is the same as physical experience". But such statements are not useful. If you want meaning and knowledge, you have to draw boundaries and definitions. The unit of information is one bit. It simply symbolizes distinction between "yes" and "no", "true" and "false", "logical high" and "logical low", "on" and "off", "heaven and earth", "light and darkness". More bits (or boundaries) means more information (more knowledge). This is how meaning, knowledge, and the universe are created as described in Genesis.

      I suggest that we do not confuse our physical experience with our emotional or "spiritual" experience. Much evil comes from this confusion between science and spirituality, between faith and knowledge.
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        Mar 16 2013: G’day Arkady

        Is there unequivocal proof that there is nothing outside of this universe or are they just theorising because that is what they are doing in relation with matter appearing out of thin air/nothingness? How can scientists measure nothing & be absolutely sure of their deductions? Don’t you need time which is of space to measure something? We can only think in a mode of thought of time & space unless we learn to think in a different thought mode which conscious changes have done in our past I believe.

        If we flounder about in one thought mode our knowing is going to stall like it did in the dark ages so yes I can see your point in having boundaries & definitions as this is exactly what science is all about however asking others if they think science & spirituality are of the same thing is of that same process I believe in finding definition & boundaries between these two.

        I’ve conversed with a lot of spiritually aware people & most of them think science is unnecessary which is a very sad thing indeed because they think everything outside of this reality is just unconditional love except for other realities & dimensions like ours & this is where most of them want to be. A lot this new age spirituality I find is quite scary within their ideological views, concepts & beliefs. What I find so funny is they desire to be somewhere else but desire denotes ego but they detest the ego as well, I don’t get it!!!! I’ve actually written up about this on my blog recently about this type of ideology & how flawed it is & why it’s so flawed.

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          Mar 16 2013: I think we are on the same page here. Nothing can be said about nothing. Those who know, don't tell, and those how tell don't know. As far as experience is concerned, past and future do not exist. "Here" and "now" is all there is. I don't see any meaning in discussing of "what was before big bang" and "what is there outside our space". Our logic and reasoning, clearly, have limits. Not because of something supernatural, but because when it comes to "self", reasoning fails. Circular logic is faulty. This is also the reason why humans have trouble explaining their own consciousness.
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      Mar 16 2013: Hi Matthew :D

      Your comment reminded me of something I read once:

      "Modern science is based on the principle: give us one free miracle and we'll explain the rest."

      Your conversation is a good one. I hope you learn alot through the comments and discussions that have are taking place....

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        Mar 16 2013: G'day Mary

        Thank you I have become a little more aware & knowing, I do like to put my foot in it as one can only learn by doing so no matter how uncomfortable it can be.


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