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Are science & spirituality one and the same?

I believe they are it’s just they use different deductive reasoning processors to evaluate to become further aware, what do you think?


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    Mar 15 2013: ....

    Another angle -

    If we look at spiritual endeavors as those which brings meaning to one's life, as I tend to do, then I can't see how there is a one-to-one correspondence between science and spirituality. But neither do I think science falls outside of those activities or mind-sets which bring meaning.

    Recommended - 5 minutes with philosopher AC Grayling talking about meaning:

    I see science as a refinement of the reasoning process which helps us understand the world around us, to identify facts and to group those facts within theoretical frameworks which become models of our universe.

    How can wondering about and exploring nature using our minds not be spiritual?
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      Mar 15 2013: G'day Peter

      A spiritually aware person is in there element when exploring in wonderment as of a scientist, some of these scientists are really wacko in a sense they are out there somewhere because of their own wonderment of our environment through exploration so yes I would agree with your very good point Peter, it is indeed just as spiritual (exhilarating) for an open minded scientist than it is for a spiritually aware person.

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      Mar 16 2013: Re: "How can wondering about and exploring nature using our minds not be spiritual?"

      Grayling mentions that "meaning" is our attitude towards life. I agree. "Wondering" about life is spiritual. It's an emotional impulse. The motives for doing science are spiritual. Attitude towards science is spiritual. Attitude towards knowledge is spiritual. Science itself or knowledge itself are not. There is nothing spiritual in cold physical facts.

      Physical experiences are different from emotional experiences. We cannot have a physical experience without having an emotional experience, and people often confuse the two. E.g. taking a cold shower is just a physical experience. On a hot summer day and on a cold winter day, physical experience from a cold shower is the same. But emotional experience (our reaction or attitude) is quite different. Emotional experience motivates us to seek or avoid the same physical experience.

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