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Are science & spirituality one and the same?

I believe they are it’s just they use different deductive reasoning processors to evaluate to become further aware, what do you think?


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  • Mar 14 2013: In my view you could certainly say they are. I have no "beliefs" in anything but the nature in which we live. Spirituality is always a subjective notion but it can be a valid concept inside nature with absolutely no conception of or connection to some kind of "super-nature". Perhaps a better way to voice it is to call it "extra-nature"--this acknowledges that we are part of nature but are not limited to the dictates of classic territorialism, survival or the fittest, dominance and submission, "winner take" et al which typify the struggles of animals in nature. Our extra-nature is the development of language to express concepts which allow us to suspend territorial impulses in favor of potential synergy with others, exercising choice to cooperate rather than conquer. The degree with which we embrace our extra-natural capacities and take them to heart as powers of good which cumulatively result in a higher civilization and more benevolent culture could be called spirituality. And want of truth no matter where it leads--science--is at the core of "extra-nature". No other animal questions the unseen, un-named forces that establish the constants of nature. We do. But science as spirituality fails as spirituality when it becomes ground for cruelty, dismissivness, competitiveness to a fault-for collaboration in means to kill if not wipe out nature as is true in nuclear and biological weaponry development.

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