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Are science & spirituality one and the same?

I believe they are it’s just they use different deductive reasoning processors to evaluate to become further aware, what do you think?


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    Mar 10 2013: No. Science is a method that helps us understand the universe.

    Spirituality usually refers to something else, that is typically more intuitive and subjective and unreliable than science and reasoning.
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      Mar 10 2013: Science and spirituality both are methods that help us understand the universe. We use these understandings in fundamentally different ways.
      I don't think spirituality has anything to do with intuition. It is subjective and holistic, true but I don't think it is unreliable just because it does not use reasoning for understanding. Science and spirituality are one of the same, same being the quest of mind to come to terms with the self and universe.
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        Mar 10 2013: I guess it depends on how you define spirituality.

        For most definitions I completely disagree.

        They are often two opposing ways of understanding the universe. At best you might say they are complementary.

        A scientific understanding of consciousness is very different to assuming you are an immortal spirit or soul with gods and demons and a magical afterlife.

        Having said that we can have great wonder and appreciation at the universe and our minds and existence without believing in magic without sufficient evidence.

        There are many conflicting spiritual beliefs. That is unreliable. Science doesn't.

        You might say they have similar intent but they are completely different.
        • Mar 12 2013: Obey, defining spirituality necessitates acknowledging one possesses a spirit (or vice versa).
          Definitions that do not include a human spirit (inside us) are to create definitions which do not exist, and to use words to say other than what they mean.

          Spirituality by definition must be related to how cognizant of, or in touch with their own spirit, or other spirits, a person must be. God is a spirit. Demons are spirits. Angels are spirits
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        Mar 10 2013: Not everything with the same or similar intent is the same.

        Praying to be healed or seeing a doctor may have similar intent but they are not the same.
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          Mar 11 2013: "Praying to be healed or seeing a doctor may have similar intent but they are not the same." Both use understandings from spirituality and science but use these in different ways. A person acts and behaves completely differently in war and peace but that does not make him two persons. In both cases he tries to make sense of his position with respect to his environments to the best of his abilities.
          Spirituality, as it is understood in modern times, is not magic, religion or fantasy. It has conflicting beliefs but so does Science. Both Science and Spirituality strive to resolve those conflicts. For Science we use libraries, researches and theories for Spirituality we use experiences and equanimity.
          I think we are differing on scales of perception.
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        Mar 11 2013: I'm not sure how you equate seeing a medical doctor with praying to a magical invisible being.

        I suggest seeing a witch doctor and invoking magic and spirits is more similar to the latter.

        You said yourself spirituality is subjective, while science tries to be objective.

        How is praying scientific?
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          Mar 11 2013: I do not equate seeing a medical doctor with praying to a magical invisible being. When there is hope for a cure, a known clinical diagnosis and medical help at hand praying is superstition. However, I have seen up close one of my colleague's wife unconscious and strapped to life support system with 75% damage of brain on account of cerebral thrombosis. I talked to the doctor who was as qualified as world can offer and ensured the medical attention as best as world can offer and he said whatever medically possible had been done and it was now up to the patient to recover (he said it will be a miracle if she did because statistically she is as close to death as one could get. I clearly remember he advised us to pray.)
          Now logic and reasoning would demand that my friend and colleague should have started preparing the hearse but he was sitting by her unconscious wife's side holding her hand softly calling her name.
          This is exactly where subjective spirituality takes over from objective science. It prepares a human being to cope with a situation h/she has no answer for. This spirituality doesn't have to be placing faith on a God or divine miracle or "the sacred" but a a transcendent dimension within human experience itself.
          I never pray to God but I do wish strongly with my sincerest intent to the great uncertainty of reality to be in my favor. If the dice roles in my favor, I am happy, if not I try to take it in my stride.

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