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Piezoelectricity created from cars driving to add to the grid

Imbedding rows of Piezoelectric devices like what they put in cigarette lighters into the lanes of heavy used freeways that will create electricity that can be plugged into the grid? It would take what would be other wise wasted gasoline energy and convert it to usable energy. You could make a strip about a foot wide and imbed it where the tires normally are in the lane and the force to compress it to generate the electricity to that of down force of each tire of an average weight car. Sorry about the grammar and I post it here because I didn’t know what else to do with the idea


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  • Mar 16 2013: because your thinking of ideas that would make the world less efficient now ok that makes sense if you put them on hills and stop signs that would actually work but that wasn't your original idea because no im not ragging on you and what do you mean proof? do you want me to calculate the resistance of the tires over that bumpy surface?? trust me this is kinda my stuff here im a studying duel degree mechanical and electrical engineer and plan on getting my masters in physics
    • Mar 16 2013: nice congratulations that is a big accomplishment if you noticed on my other posts I'm not talking about a bumpy surface have you ever seen the devices I'm referring to? also that I mentioned imbedding them in the ground? or that I mentioned there travel distance is about 5mm or can be engineered to travel less than 5mm also the post to peter about the flexing of the tire versus the flexing of the road? your thinking about some device you have to drive over like a speed bump I'm talking about something 5mm or less your tire flexes tire side wall flexes more than an inch as you drive depending on your tire pressure and btw I was serious about the congratulations on working on the masters it is a big life accomplishment

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