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Piezoelectricity created from cars driving to add to the grid

Imbedding rows of Piezoelectric devices like what they put in cigarette lighters into the lanes of heavy used freeways that will create electricity that can be plugged into the grid? It would take what would be other wise wasted gasoline energy and convert it to usable energy. You could make a strip about a foot wide and imbed it where the tires normally are in the lane and the force to compress it to generate the electricity to that of down force of each tire of an average weight car. Sorry about the grammar and I post it here because I didn’t know what else to do with the idea


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  • Mar 15 2013: this is a bad idea so your saying every body should use extra gas money on giving electricity back to the government? when going over these tiny electricity generators you have to use more energy to overcome the resistance of the generators also the generators wouldn't make a lot of energy and also the cost of doing something like this to make it actually viable would be Staggering!
    • Mar 15 2013: I'm not saying anything I had a thought and I threw it out that to see where it leads. That is suppose to be what this site is for or so I thought? and the amount of gas energy it would take away from your car would be minimal like the amount of wasted gas when you sitting at a light and have to hold your brakes so your car wont move that is all unnecessary wasted energy because the don't want to program the computer in the car to turn off when you apply the brakes
      • Mar 16 2013: no it would not be minimal people now days are worried about MPG more than anything this would lower gas efficiency ALOT way more than when it's idle at a stop and the energy while moving is not wasted in a car it's just not 100% efficient but this would really add a significant amount of inefficiencies please understand more about physics to understand what you are talking about
        • Mar 16 2013: haha your a real charmer what makes you think I don't know about physics? are you even on my post to maybe contribute to an idea like Peter Law did on his post about maybe installing on the down side of hills and coming to stop signs or are you just here to rag on someone? you say it would lower it ALOT and I should learn about physics where it your proof it would lower it ALOT??

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