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Is it all bad in Somalia?

Identifying the problems and issues in Somalia, its state of affairs and why Somalia has topped the Failed States index for a fifth consecutive year
What are the major issues Somalia faces?
How can Somalia overcome these issues?
How is the government helping/not helping its people?
How did Colombia overcome its problems and issues when it moved from 14th to 52nd place on the Failed States Index?
How did Colombia take action? and can Somalia take these or similar steps to ensure a bright and stable future for the country and its people?

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    • Mar 14 2013: What does rising Islamisation exactly mean and what effects will this have?
  • Mar 10 2013: Maybe the reality is we outsiders can help by being positive role models and by offering reasonable help if requested by those with problems. Sure doesn't sound like Iraq and Afghanistan have helped the locals although they have cost incredible amounts of money. So I don't have an answer except ZX suggests let them have their own fish and eat them. Sounds like the fisheries failure that caused the Vikings to develop a new business.
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    Mar 10 2013: I doubt it's all bad anywhere, I really think people are wired to be good, productive, cheerful.