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Why Poverty? Is empowering Women at Rural Areas is the solution? or educating their community is more important as a first step?

I hereby invite all my fellow TEDsters to watch this short movie titled "Solar Mamas: RAFEA" about a Jordanian Bedouin Woman who fought to grab the chance to get a lifetime opportunity to be educated and acquire a new skill to support her family and herself. One of the film makers is a TED Speaker: Ms. Jehane Noujaim:


Awaiting your thoughts and feedback.



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    Mar 10 2013: G'day Sarah

    A good education is a great thing to have however it can have it's down turns. Take into consideration of having an education & not being able to do anything with it like with one’s culture, economics situation or isolation, it would be quite stressful to the learned.

    But in saying this you can’t beat becoming more aware of oneself & one’s environment through education.

    • Mar 13 2013: This is a great comment Mathew. I do have one question, not just for you, but for all: if a culture that does not make being educated easy (the stress of being learned), how reasonable is it to overturn this culture and increase the awareness through education? Is it plausible and if so, what will it take?
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        Mar 13 2013: G'day Sarah Chang

        That would depend on the culture if it is flexable or not & how educated the male populus are to allowing women to be educated? Men are afraid that women will become smarter & in a chauvinist society that would make it rather difficult for women to become educated I could imagine.

        Educate the people not just men on human individual rights but of course in certain cultures women wouldn't have this avenue to go down. It really depends on how well the men are educated in human rights & equal opportunity.


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