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Why Poverty? Is empowering Women at Rural Areas is the solution? or educating their community is more important as a first step?

I hereby invite all my fellow TEDsters to watch this short movie titled "Solar Mamas: RAFEA" about a Jordanian Bedouin Woman who fought to grab the chance to get a lifetime opportunity to be educated and acquire a new skill to support her family and herself. One of the film makers is a TED Speaker: Ms. Jehane Noujaim:


Awaiting your thoughts and feedback.



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  • Mar 10 2013: Why Poverty? Frankly I don't know the answer to this question. What I have seen till date is that it's inherited from family and Not that I am saying it's totally passed from family but the difficulties which yo find in the way to step out of it sometimes break you so much that people usually give up(Here I am not talking about the exceptional cases). Well Empowering women should be the first step as of what I think about it because in rural areas unless and until women are not shown what they are capable of they will continue living the life of mediocrity that they have been provided by their family. The moment they understand the relevance of getting higher uplifting themselves and the moment they taste a bit of self dependence they will encourage it for their daughters and hereby forming the chain! It can go Vice-versa too but i think first step should be taking out elder women and then empowering them and showing them what their children can get from it would signify the purpose of empowerment in their lives. For them significance of the idea matters a lot because you can't ask them to just rebel the environment they have been born and brought up into!

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