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Why Poverty? Is empowering Women at Rural Areas is the solution? or educating their community is more important as a first step?

I hereby invite all my fellow TEDsters to watch this short movie titled "Solar Mamas: RAFEA" about a Jordanian Bedouin Woman who fought to grab the chance to get a lifetime opportunity to be educated and acquire a new skill to support her family and herself. One of the film makers is a TED Speaker: Ms. Jehane Noujaim:


Awaiting your thoughts and feedback.



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  • Mar 10 2013: It is certainly one way and it seems the easiest and best way to get started on the path to a better life for the families and the community as a whole.
    There are organizations that support this approach, Kiva being one. I have about 160 micro loans out through kiva mostly to groups of women who have self organized. I also have found CHES (Canadian Harambee Education Society) to be an organization that puts girls in Tanzania through high school.

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