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Schools are terrible places for children.

In the name of civilization we lock up our children for seven to twelve hours each weekday..subjecting them to experiences that mark them for the rest of their lives...the least we could do is give them a fair chance and give them school when they have a choice, in college, where they can defend themselves.


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  • Mar 16 2013: Some really interesting points made, many of which i agree with!.But i do believe schools offer us much more than education! i would like to point out that at school i found life long friends, i discovered so much about the uniqueness of life, emotions and social situations, not from my teachers but from my friends and fellow class members. I also discovered love and beauty found in people and art and also developed respect and courtesy for myself and others. Yes i believe that schools can, and a lot of the time do dictate and project onto us the way they think we should act,learn and experience. But i believe at schools the interaction we have with our friends and pupils teach so much more about life than the teachers and the subjects will ever teach us. And yes to to an extent i agree with the qoute by Pabitra Mukhopadhyay that "children are taught by parents and peers to be future scientist, doctor or engineer - not an artist, a musician or a writer because these are 'risky' professions", but ultimately we reject this, the proof being we have writers and musicians. And i believe this shows for many, we ultimately learn to make or own choices and reject those that are pushed upon us. Thus through social interactions with classmates we can find inspiration, enthusiasm and valuable lessons to learn. So i guess in a round about way we still very much teach ourself.
    • Mar 27 2013: You may have been on the other end of the "peer group foodchain". I myself was stuck in the middle. I do not know how old you are nor do I know you as a person. But just because YOU didn't go through any hardship doesn't mean others didn't. Even your friends could have been the ones to inflict life long psychological harm to another without you even knowing or remembering. Does knowing that your friends which are so kind and loving to you had the potential to cause another the emotional pain which could quite possibly drive them to self-harm or even suicide make you still feel that school is a good place? im currently 18 years of age and live in Australia. Our education system works where primary school is done for 7 years and highschool is followed for a further 6. I dropped out at year 10. Why? because i was unhappy and little did i know i was suffering from depression for 3 of my highschool years. Bullying has caused me to resent myself not only for the way I appear but also for how I tried to conform just to fit in and avoid the harsh comments. I became a dickhead to try and sway their hate from me. I look back at the last 6 years and think, "Wow, i made the right choice. i can't believe how terrible that school was". I'm currently going down a different educational path and i have enrolled in a Diploma of graphic design course. BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE. Everyone there keeps to themself. No need for hate or violence because we just want to do our work and leave. And going from highschool and trying to just fit in and survive, i have gone to further study and being myself with my friends. So long story short. Just because YOU have a great time in highschool doesn't mean that everybody else feels the same way.

      I'm not saying I disagree with you I'm just saying that you should try to look at things from a victims shoes...
      • Mar 27 2013: alex i am truly sorry if i have offended or annoyed you with my post, but at no point did i argue that people dont go through hardship and that everyone does have a good time in school that was not my argument at all. I was responding to those earlier on in this thread who discussed schools are worthless because they force upon us what they want and i was offering a point of view that there can be more to school than education. I really wasn't talking about peer groups, bullying etc. im sorry that you had such a rough ride its sad to hear,and sadly its common story, but im very glad you have found your path!!!Good luck course
      • Mar 27 2013: im meant to say ...good luck with the course
        • Apr 1 2013: its just how it came across to me as. I apologise if i have gone a little overboard, its just that this topic is one I feel quite strongly about.

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