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Schools are terrible places for children.

In the name of civilization we lock up our children for seven to twelve hours each weekday..subjecting them to experiences that mark them for the rest of their lives...the least we could do is give them a fair chance and give them school when they have a choice, in college, where they can defend themselves.


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    Mar 10 2013: I'm a sophomore right now, and I am in between both of you. Josh is exclaiming that we must have the basic fundamentals to carry on in life, which I don't deny. However, Sharon, I can also see where your point is striving from. Right now, I'm learning in History the beginning of WWII, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, along with the thoughts running through General Kuribachi's mind. In Math, I'm learning how to divide, along with graphing, polynomials. In Science, I'm learning about the periodic table, and how to establish a polar compound versus a non-polar compound with the molar ratios. In English, We just finished reading Flags of Our Fathers, guiding us through the details of James Bradley, and his father's importance on the battle of Iwo Jima. I tend to think of myself as a young entrepreneur, as I brainstorm many ideas, along with the ability to share them through the employees of IBM. I am also really talented with numbers, which applies with my future job, an accountant, working for a friend of mine. From History, Iv'e learned that over time, history tends to repeat itself. In Science, I've learned how to propose a problem, and find a solution. In math, Iv'e learned how to solve different problems, which can be applied to day-to-day situations. In English, I've learned how to write in different formats and read thoroughly. But to be honest, Math is the only subject I look forward to every day. I have fun, and it's entertaining. In Science, I'm struggling with molar ratios and solubility ratios, which is dropping my GPA. In English, I have worked my ass of trying to finish a scrapbook on Harlon Block, a character in Flags of Our Fathers. While doing all of the work, missing track practices, and spending 60 dollars on supplies, I only received an 80 percent while my partner received an 85 percent, which dropped my GPA. My point is, I have a 96 percent in Algebra 2, while having lower grades in the rest of my classes, which affects my GPA. I feel I'm waisting time
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      Mar 15 2013: Sounds like you a great student. You are not wasting time!! You are doing the right things. Smarts means nothing without kindness. Finish school. Aim for a future in which you can walk more down the path called math :-) ( I can tell from your story that road has your name on it:-) I hope everyone at your school is watching TED Talks together and discussing them in class. And I am sure your teachers will become aware that when they create teams and partnerships of students, all team members get to share the same grade. Can you imagine team USA at the Olympics winning gold, but half of them be handed silver and bronze. I loved school and I loved my teachers. Keep going Chase!!

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