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Do you think more money should be spent to explore space or should it be more spent helping people who are struggling on earth? Why?

I wonder how people think about the usage of our resources: should we invest for our future, or should we take care the problems we have on earth first?


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  • Apr 2 2011: As individuals, we might be concerned first and foremost about survival. But if we look at ourselves as a civilization, it seems we need to quench our curiosity. Without our creativity, we would have died of diseases or disasters...Let me offer a scenario. Suppose we discovered extraterrestrial intelligent life. This could shift our understanding of our own existence so much that we would be able to see past many of our differences and unite just enough (out of fear of a possible common enemy) to collectively solve earth's problems. In this case, perhaps scientific exploration in space would contribute more to solving global poverty than any direct effort has so far done... I see value in both investments.

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