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What challenges do feminist artists face in contemporary society?


my name is Janine. I am a student of Arts and Humanities at Birkbeck. I volunteer at the Victoria and Albert Museum. I have a full time job. I am an artist.
I am a feminist. I am a woman. I am gay.

I know this introduction is not really needed, yet I feel it makes the connection I have to the subject more clearer and shows my sincerity.

As part of my degree I have to write a about a subject I chose. After a breaking my head over subject I like but not love, brainstorming (I never believed this would work) helped me find this question.

'Which challenges do feminist artists face in contemporary society?'
Last summer (actually two summer's ago) I went to see Tracey Emin's exhibition 'Love Is What You Want' and I remember going through the exhibition and hearing rather shameful comments. Which I am not going to repeat at this point. Two years in these voices are still in my head, and I wonder what is going on? What happened to feminist revolutions? Why are so many women almost shamefully convinced that we have equal rights, when we do not? Sometimes I feel we are going back to the fifties again and I FEAR this place.

So I ask you what are your ideas on my question and what do you have to say on the subject of third wave feminism?

Are we really there yet?



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  • Mar 11 2013: Society has abandoned the class struggles like feminism, and now the die-hards hang on to the irrelevance of the cause.
    isms, causes, those born in class warfare, are for those with high emotionality and marginal intelligence.
    When you just be yourself, you are free. You want to make it a mission, or make the world see it your way? Your dilemma will never end. Shed the bolshevik class warfare chains, and live free! and allow others to too.

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