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Do the 3D movies enhance or kill imagination?

Does the growing realism of the moving pictures/video games enhance or rather kill imagination? Is the message from the silver screen stronger today than it was when the movies were black and white? Will content ever triumph over the form?

Finally, what could be the possible consequence of people losing their imagination on a large scale?


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  • Mar 27 2013: It most certainly doesn't kill imagination...

    I think it might even makes you think bigger

    For example if you create a house in 3D and display it on imax screen or any other big screen you will see an empty space around the house thus giving you the ability and imagination to fill it up let's say look at avatar and when you see that I think endless imagination and lots a and lots of oppertunities to create a whole new world out of it where navii and humans life alongside (humans have genetic altered lungs of course).

    But there is a downside to all this imagination take the walking dead for this example...

    Whaylt could be more interesting for the viewer and mind blowing to have them enjoy what is created from imagination

    What I am trying to say is that people might think I've already seen this or it looks alot like something else.

    So its staying ahead of most people which is hard but very doable if you have enough variation in the brainstormers.

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