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Do the 3D movies enhance or kill imagination?

Does the growing realism of the moving pictures/video games enhance or rather kill imagination? Is the message from the silver screen stronger today than it was when the movies were black and white? Will content ever triumph over the form?

Finally, what could be the possible consequence of people losing their imagination on a large scale?


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    Mar 10 2013: Last year I joined the 3D immersive cybercommunity of second life. I have an avatar whom (?) I can dress appropriately for a traditional ball to a grunge concert to a tête-à-tête with a friend at home. I create the avatar and in some cases I have created the surroundings in which "he" interacts. My imagination knows no bounds even down to the slightest mannerism. I strut on a 3D stage surrounded by my peers. I make movies of my experiences http://personaldomains.net/video/dramalibre/ I try and capture the visceral moment of when, while dancing with a friend surrounded by like minded friends THAT song is played by the DJ. I had lots of visceral moments while watching the movie Avatar in 3D. It took me out of myself and my draw dropped. Is this significantly different from Bogarts "We will always have Paris" made meaningful because I have said it myself, appropriately. Visual technology has come far from the screaming of the patrons viweing their first taste of a train rushing towards them in that first moving picture. I embrace the new technology and want more. Acting in your own 3D movie provides me with content I have created. I provide the form.If you want a yardstick let it be FUN!

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