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Do the 3D movies enhance or kill imagination?

Does the growing realism of the moving pictures/video games enhance or rather kill imagination? Is the message from the silver screen stronger today than it was when the movies were black and white? Will content ever triumph over the form?

Finally, what could be the possible consequence of people losing their imagination on a large scale?


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    Mar 9 2013: 3D is largely just a novelty, just a few random things slighlty elevated in comparison to everything else, so I would say no, it doesn't kill the imagination, especially as the results are usually quite marginal.

    What kills the imagination is the constant dumbing down of movies that disables any necessity to think beyond what we're immediately seeing.
    We're essentially spoon-fed every story, led by the hand to and from each scene and actors often simply act as segways between explosions, shiny objects or some late teens cleavage (In a time where porn is more abundant than water and air, go figure).

    The only thing that kills imagination is the killing of braincells and plenty of films do that these days... they just happen to be in 3d sometimes...

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