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How to utilise the energy from any moving object by using their mass and motion

..Any object hav their mass .if it is in motion it gains velocity ..energy is equal to e=mc^2....so that my idea is we have to catch the energy...for example to produce electrical power in a generator ..rotar rotates with high r.p.m in a stator .so that power wil generate..this is the basic principle in a generator.... in generator if we have to rotate a rotar with high r.p.m it requires some energy by using diesel or any other fuel .....my idea is why dnt we use flywheel shaft like a rotar..a big machines like deep draw or mechanical press have heavy flywheel .it rotates when a machine in running position ..we have to use that energy becoz it rotates with high r.p.m . Exactly middle position of the fly wheel shaft ( the shaft is made like rotar it have some copper windings and armature) in middle position we make a stator body around the shaft ..it seems same as a genderator..when a fly wheel rotates the power wil generate......same way we impliment these principle any rotating ofject ..like in a vehicle two wheels having one shaft ..these shaft makes a rotation...any object we use these principle and provide a stator body . In that shaft rotates like a rotar so that electro manetic field wil generate.due to these field we catch the power .at this position we change over the fuel consumption into electrical power ( wheel shaft generating the power continuously when it is running position)if vehicle in slow movement change over to the fuel consumption...so that we save more fuel in four wheelers.........

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    Mar 10 2013: There is now an idea being prototyped that extracts energy from simple motions. As you walk through your house or as the wind blows, your house produces small movements that can be collected and turned into energy that is stored in batteries.

    I have been wondering about these ideas since the gas shortages of the 70s. An spinning axle and wheel, and yes, even a steering wheel and other moving parts (like fly wheels) should be able produce a lot of electricity that could be sent to batteries that would fuel the mostly electric car. As I studied the feasibility, I learned about increased weight needing more energy to move the car combined with a need for improved battery technology.

    I think that this is the basic thinking behind hybrid cars. I even wondered about putting air slots in cars and those huge boxes that tractor trailers pull, so that the air resistance could be turned into energy (mini wind turbines) that would offset some of the resistance.

    But I'm not sure how interested the oil companies are in making their product obsolete - AND - this topic is not my area of expertise, so I might be way off base. I'm studying electricity now, but finding it confusing. I do wish that the geniuses who talk about electricity, generators, alternators, converters, inverters, etc - their workings - would learn how to explain it all in the language of a 5th grader. Not only would I be inspired, but so would a lot of 5th graders, I imagine.
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    Mar 10 2013: Shaft having rpm sir..for example in a vehicle 2 mtrs shaft have two wheels at both ends right ..i told to set up the stator body at middle with windings and shaft act like as a rotar
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    Mar 9 2013: The exact middle may have rpms? but it does not have speed because it is coincident with the center so no circumference?
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    Mar 9 2013: Can you draw a diagram of your idea?
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      Mar 10 2013: I m sry sir . I didnt have computer to draw the diagram . i can draw in paper but its difficult to show u