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Debt Is not real

The concept of economic loss and debt is firmly emended in society. Do we really owe anything to anyone? I challenge people to argue against the idea that debt exists and state why it does not exist as a test of reasoning and creativity within this forum. I will reply to your comments with my counter argument. Try to remain clear, concise, and cogent in your statements.


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  • Mar 10 2013: The terms need to be defined. What does it mean to "exist" in this context? Economic loss in a macro or micro sense? "Debt" in terms of a financial, ethical or moral obligation? From the way you've asked the question and from the nature of your responses, it appears that you are much less interested in the question itself than in trying to provoke some sort of imaginary, preconceived response. Although I may have missed them, I haven't seen your promised counter-arguments presented in a clear, concise and cogent manner. What do you think and why?

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