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What advice would you give to your 23 year old self?

Hi everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I appreciate it a lot. I'm just wondering what would you tell your 23 year old self if you could go back in time. As of now, I don't live passionately for anything. There's a fire inside that is ready to commit to something, a passion - I just don't know what it is.

Maybe your insight could help!

Thank you!

  • Mar 11 2013: In my years I have discovered it is seldom the decision you make, but rather what is made of that decision. I am not saying blindly decide the direction of your life. Put thought into it, but don't get caught in that frozen sea of indecisiveness. The advice I would my grant to my 23 year old self is that the world is at your fingertips and to truly experience the wonder of it all I must be decisive and swift in action for the directions taken with my life. To pursue what I do to the best of my ability, and to pull everything from the experience possible. Mistakes will be made, but you can't get trapped looking back at them. Just move forward and you'll find as you give everything you have in what you're doing that passion you are so yearning to come out will refuse to be contained. The importance of this is that whatever you do, it must be done to the best of your capability. It must be done with your full passion and gusto. Start doing something, Sam, and give it all you have. We have one shot, and only one shot. So, let's give it our everything.

    Also, a dose of Kid President could be in order:
  • Mar 9 2013: Good question...I would say, take time to listen to your intuition and follow it. Surround yourself with positive people, spend time in nature, and love, love,love is what its all for yourself, family, friends, strangers and all creatures....fill your heart with it and let it flow unto all of the world
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    Mar 10 2013: Sam,
    I believe this question is asked by many of us as we travel through life. It is an interesting thought experiment and one to continue to use as we get older. To Answer your question, What Advice would I give to my 23 year old self? Nothing...... Advice is all around us and there for the taking. I would ask you to look back on your last 10 years. What advice would you give yourself? not to date a particular person perhaps? Or to study harder rather than spend time with friends? Would your 15 year old self have taken it? (mine would not have)

    I enjoy asking people this questions but reversing it and asking "Why not now?" eg. One of the consistently stated regrets by older people is not studying harder in school. They wished they possessed a better education. I hear this from people that are 40 and 50 years old and I usually keep my mouth shut, but I feel like asking them. "Why not now?" They are more mature, have money, more confident. Why not get an education now? But, they do not.

    Have you asked yourself what you would have done differently over the last 5-10 years. I realize you are on the younger side.... But Ask yourself, would you have studied harder in school? Would you have asked that person out on a date? What would you, Sam Baertschi, have done differently? Your own answers to this question will be much more powerful than ours.

    Then once you determine what you would have done, Don't make the same mistake and use that advice going forward.

    Hmm.... now that I think of it, maybe I would have told my 23 year old self that. I can only tell you that I attempt to follow that advice now. I look back over the last several years and ask what would I have done differently, I answer my question and then I tell myself "I will make these changes now."
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    Mar 9 2013: 1. Don't let go the train you wish to get . It's posibble you'll never get it more.
    2. Don't forget we all are very similar, same wishes, same pains, same happiness, same pains.
    2. Dont judge severely others, may be one day you have to be harshly judged, may be it happens when you feel more weak or vulnerable.
    2. For the love of God, enjoy every day of your life. Don't let pass one day without feeling you've done something good or positive or helpful
    Ah, and good luck!!
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    Mar 9 2013: the question is especially interesting for those that are below 23
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    Mar 9 2013: Sam,
    Ask sincere questions and be genuine. Connect with people, on a personal level and truly take interest in people and their actions. talk with the loneliest people in the room, and don't live on facebook.
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    Mar 9 2013: move to California and take a course in computer science...
  • Mar 11 2013: Time spent with family and enjoying family, strengthening the bonds, reaching out to extended family, etc. is time well spent. Get the stories of the elders in your family. Understand your genealogy.

    Find something to do that makes you feel good about yourself, like volunteering some way or helping out a family member that could use help.

    Think of an art that you would like to do, a sport you would like to do, and a place you would like to visit. Repeat often. Trying new things might lead you to your passion.
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    Mar 10 2013: G'day Sam

    Go for it whatever it is you FEEL as long as you’re not hurting anybody else or of course breaking the law.

    We do indeed learn by our mistakes & believe me you will hopefully make a number of them, like I told my students you can't learn without making mistakes, anyone who has never made mistakes knows very little.

    Live for the moment or the now & don’t take life tooo seriously but plan ahead.

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    Mar 10 2013: .
    Be careful with invalid happiness !

    (For details, see the 1st article, points 1-3, 10, 14, at
  • Mar 9 2013: I wish I was 23 again. I can think I am and act as if I am.

    let me see if I understood you correctly.
    You ask what we would say to out yonder self, is that correct?
    then you say you don't live passionately for anything while next sentence says that there is fire in you to commit to something.

    if I were to ask you the most expensive and difficult question, "WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT ? " what would your thoughtful answer be?

    here is my tip for you, sit and write down below that question:
    What do I really want ? now / tomorrow / next days / next week / next month / next year / in the future / out of life ...

    Life pay the price you ask! so aim the sky... ask yourself expensive questions that will set your mind into fire to find solutions.

    Good luck
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      Mar 10 2013: Does life really work this way? Wouldn't we have to go out into the world and say, "I have this...this...and...this what would you like in exchange?"
      • Mar 10 2013: Hi John,

        there is no caved rules for life!

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    Mar 9 2013: Think bigger and follow your intuition, just listen to that little voice inside your head and follow your dream, all other thing will come.
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    Mar 9 2013: ...
    keep going
    don't give up

    coincidentally I saw this yesterday.
    It's relevant to you and even to those somewhat older who still have time for a reset....

    go luck
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    Mar 9 2013: Sam,
    You say you "don't live passionately for anything"...."There's a fire inside that is ready to commit to something, a passion - I just don't know what it is".

    How about committing to yourself, your growth, and learning as you contribute to the whole of humankind?

    How about making the life adventure your passion....I guess that's the advice I gave to my young "self":>)

    Passion is not something you will find externally. It is something we create in our "self".....or is a choice in every moment of the life adventure:>)