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How should nowadays Recruitment at Universities work?


In my perception:
- the nability of graduate students to identify suitable job roles and careers paths post tertiary education

- and the extremely competitive environment where large corporations are constantly competing for talented graduates while small and medium sized enterprises are looking to increase awareness of opportunities available to graduates


I think an online graduate recruitment portal, connected directly to the university, presenting an effective way of bringing together companies and students:

- the platform should offer personality and skill tests to students in order to find their most suitable job (in terms of work hours, traveling?, company culture, values, kind of intellectual work etc)

- grade records of students can be directly transfered to their platforms profile --> companies can directly see their grades and spot the talents very quickly (Privacy Settings have to be enabled accordingly)

- companies and students can approach each other --> so you can build an employee-employer relationship from early on

- companies can offer jobs, internships, workshops, scholarships directly to students --> So, companies can secure potential employees and students benefit from these offers in term of work experience, possible financial benefits etc.

What do you think of these ideas?

What's the biggest problem at the moment for students looking for a job? And what might be good solution to it?

  • Apr 5 2011: The dilemma that students face during university is mostly related to future recruitment opportunities. The framework which you have suggested is bound to be more student friendly and reliable. The idea of having the universities involvement in the entire recruitment process( uploading grades) could serve as a reliable source of database for potential employers. I believe that long term relationships between companies, students and universities forms a very integral part of any recruitment process. I also agree with stefans point about privacy issues, there should not be a problem in divulging information which could prove beneficial .The recruitment portals available online are more streamlined and provide a narrow perspective, wheres the recruitment portal explained above seems highly useful and provides a wealth of opportunities to students.Above all, I feel that the aspect of smaller companies attracting talented individuals is highly attractive.
  • Apr 3 2011: I think streamlining the application process is definately something students would welcome. The privacy issue might be regarded as a problem and people might be unwilling to make their grades approachable for companies. But maybe people nowadays wouldn't even regard it as issue as most people give away more private information on social networks without thinking about it.