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What changes do you think will result from the legalisation of Marijuana.

Cash strapped governments are looking at a new revenue stream; taxation on the legal sale of Marijuana. Washington and Colorado have lead the way. More are sure to follow. How do you think this will affect society?


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  • Mar 11 2013: I believe that legalizing marijuana would have a number of fairly beneficial upsides and also a few drawbacks worth considering as well. I think the legalization would stimulate the economy to some extent. The government could tax it and make money of off people who will continue to smoke whether it is legal or not. Also, costs for punishing people charged with possession will be eliminated. Despite this, one cannot overlook the health problems this could create. Also, people high on marijuana could cause more public disturbances and car accidents. It is difficult to predict the outcome, but I believe overall it would be more beneficial than harmful. I believe marijuana would come to be treated the same way as alcohol. Some people would abuse it, but for many people, it wouldn't be a problem.

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