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What changes do you think will result from the legalisation of Marijuana.

Cash strapped governments are looking at a new revenue stream; taxation on the legal sale of Marijuana. Washington and Colorado have lead the way. More are sure to follow. How do you think this will affect society?


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    Mar 9 2013: It depends of the maturity of the society and the Government. Healthwise, Marijuana is better compared to tobacco and alcohol and it has both good and bad effects. If it's health effets are made widely know to everybody and if Government can control profit oriented hypes that market economy indulges in for sale of any product, it is after all an adult choice.
    Politically, for US Governments, legalization can save huge loss of revenue, law and order situations involving drug lords and a 'childlike' declaration of war against drug that has cost the country a lot for decades and achieved practically nothing. Marijuana is still among the top three drugs Americans use.
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      Mar 10 2013: The biggest promoter of Marijuana was Uncle Sam, himself. Everybody wanted to try the "devil weed"

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