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What changes do you think will result from the legalisation of Marijuana.

Cash strapped governments are looking at a new revenue stream; taxation on the legal sale of Marijuana. Washington and Colorado have lead the way. More are sure to follow. How do you think this will affect society?


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  • Mar 9 2013: I have seen people who smoke marijuana and still manage to do well in multiple facets of their life.

    That being said, I have also seen individuals who smoke marijuana and completely lose control of their lives. They aren't able to hold down jobs, acquire criminal records, get introduced to other drugs, etc. Some may argue that this is due to the nature of the individual, and not the actual drug. While this may be partially true, I definitely think that the current availability of marijuana is what makes this sort of deterioration possible.

    If we take the current availability of marijuana in areas where it is illegal and amp it up by legalizing it, I can only imagine that the number of individuals suffering from the negative effects of marijuana will increase. For every person that can maintain a decent life while smoking marijuana, there will be a handful of people who cannot. And it is because of these people that will suffer from the bad aspects of marijuana, that I think it is the government's responsibility to try and minimize these negative effects as much as possible - by keeping marijuana illegal. But then we have to ask...does this reasoning apply to alcohol or cigarettes? Why would or why wouldn't it?

    As far as the economic aspect of this ordeal - governments have found ways to revive the economy without legalizing drugs. There must be another productive way to balance budgets and repay debts besides legalizing & taxing marijuana.

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