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The much celebrated Women's Day!

No thank you !
We don't need a 'Women's Day'!
We don't want a favor- 'Ladies first' !
We don't want a complement of 'fairer gender' !
No Thankyou Mr P. Chidambaram! We don't want women exclusive banks!
Don't absolve yourself from the responsibility of committing safety, law and order to control the wide/wild spread chauvinism, rage, dopamine overdrive of unfairer gender so that women en masse can feel like normal human beings and exercise their fundamental rights- take birth and die naturally, grow, get education, employment of their choice and live life with pride , dignity and equality....all 365 days!

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    Mar 9 2013: I agree with you; gender equality is non negotiable. Women have the rights to dignity, equal opportunities and freedom. These are inherent.
    But that doesn't mean the international women's day shouldn't be celebrated. We have Mandela Day, Workers Day, Freedom day e.t.c.
    It doesn't neccesarily mean that Mandela is hated in the other 364 days; or that workers are only catered for on workers day, or that we're all in bounds till freedom day.
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    Mar 25 2013: Really appreciate your point of view Thomas! You reverence you have for mother , mother nature and in turn for female gender is admirable. I wish at least half of Indian men and those in some other Asian countries think this like that.
    Your poem is beautiful n touching.Do share more if you write often.
    • Mar 25 2013: (facebook/the Philosophy of Philosophy) for samples of writing. For too long, women were second class to males, but in USA women can outvote men and our legislatures our slowly filling with women. I am convinced that not just the first woman president in the next election, but vice president too. Something tells me they will be fair and not legislate against male sexuality.
  • Mar 25 2013: With 7B people, we do not have to worry about keeping DNA alive. There are more women than men, so our DNA is safer with them. They are also the incubator of this life which gives them distinct and unique rights, above and beyond a man's. It is their right to decide on keeping a fetus to term, regardless of reasoning. The "other half" of the DNA has no choice in this matter. To celebrate Women's Day would be the elevation of this right and the rejoicing of those who nurture, as dictated by nature. Women's Day would be every day if the male was consistently and equally responsible in the role of parenting. Money is not the wealth children need; The child is a canvass with the art developing based on the teaching. My 2 true teachers have been my Mother and Mother Nature.
    Nature of Mother
    Mother, of Nature, Bestowed to Nurture,
    You Taught Me Everything I Know.
    Not of Nature, But the Nature of Nature,
    And Everyday I Grow.
    Everything I Do, by Nature,
    Is All Because of You
    Everything I Do, by Nature,
    Must Be Credited to You

    Mother Will
    Mother, in Heaven, Still Teaching Every Day.
    I Live on Still Learning in Every Way.
    Tomorrow, No Different than the Day Before.
    I Live on With the Free Will to Explore

    Insult Quotient Test
    To insult My Mother, is to insult My intelligence.
    The only way to insult Me, is to insult My intelligence.
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    W. Ying

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    Mar 12 2013: .
    Our life goal is to keep our DNA alive.

    To a new carrier of DNA (child), women contribute:
    . (1) A half of its DNA.
    . (2) The whole of its body constituents.

    Why not "much celebrated" ?
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      Mar 12 2013: I really respect your point of view W. Ying! I too have no reservations on celebrating the women kind so worth reverence . However, my submission is more like - Keeping a fast , abstinence from food to cleanse our system, while we know how important it is for our body. Hope you would understand my quest now!
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        Mar 13 2013:

        Yes. Anything has an optimal point for "keeping our DNA alive".
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    Mar 9 2013: who is the "we" here? i know a lot of women that are ready to take advantage of their gender, and even demand special treatment in a wide variety of situations. like for example "you can't talk like that to a woman". they say "we" women like to get attention, compliments, etc.

    "we" are very different. so i suggest respect for personal freedom, as opposed to doing the "right" thing.
    • Mar 9 2013: Yes, in some aspects, women are different from men for sure. But in general, we are the same under law. If they do wrong thing, I am sure that they will be tried like men. But, as you know right now, women in many part of the world still be treated like hell under the power of men without any protection from police, law...In those countries, they women even accept their such tragic situation for their destiny of a woman!
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    Mar 9 2013: Thanks for appreciating the thought on gender equality Feyisayo! My point is not that celebrating Women's day is a bad idea, the point is till when would we make women rejoice with such fake baits and do nothing substantial to really make difference in day to day life. We are still falling short in providing police protection to women, commit safety, policies and culture which uplifts their stance n stature in the society.
    So till government does that, we don't want to be impressed by regressive, frilly and frothy measures which make no real difference! Hope that clarifies my point. :-)