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The much celebrated Women's Day!

No thank you !
We don't need a 'Women's Day'!
We don't want a favor- 'Ladies first' !
We don't want a complement of 'fairer gender' !
No Thankyou Mr P. Chidambaram! We don't want women exclusive banks!
Don't absolve yourself from the responsibility of committing safety, law and order to control the wide/wild spread chauvinism, rage, dopamine overdrive of unfairer gender so that women en masse can feel like normal human beings and exercise their fundamental rights- take birth and die naturally, grow, get education, employment of their choice and live life with pride , dignity and equality....all 365 days!


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    Mar 25 2013: Really appreciate your point of view Thomas! You reverence you have for mother , mother nature and in turn for female gender is admirable. I wish at least half of Indian men and those in some other Asian countries think this like that.
    Your poem is beautiful n touching.Do share more if you write often.
    • Mar 25 2013: (facebook/the Philosophy of Philosophy) for samples of writing. For too long, women were second class to males, but in USA women can outvote men and our legislatures our slowly filling with women. I am convinced that not just the first woman president in the next election, but vice president too. Something tells me they will be fair and not legislate against male sexuality.

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