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The much celebrated Women's Day!

No thank you !
We don't need a 'Women's Day'!
We don't want a favor- 'Ladies first' !
We don't want a complement of 'fairer gender' !
No Thankyou Mr P. Chidambaram! We don't want women exclusive banks!
Don't absolve yourself from the responsibility of committing safety, law and order to control the wide/wild spread chauvinism, rage, dopamine overdrive of unfairer gender so that women en masse can feel like normal human beings and exercise their fundamental rights- take birth and die naturally, grow, get education, employment of their choice and live life with pride , dignity and equality....all 365 days!


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  • Mar 25 2013: With 7B people, we do not have to worry about keeping DNA alive. There are more women than men, so our DNA is safer with them. They are also the incubator of this life which gives them distinct and unique rights, above and beyond a man's. It is their right to decide on keeping a fetus to term, regardless of reasoning. The "other half" of the DNA has no choice in this matter. To celebrate Women's Day would be the elevation of this right and the rejoicing of those who nurture, as dictated by nature. Women's Day would be every day if the male was consistently and equally responsible in the role of parenting. Money is not the wealth children need; The child is a canvass with the art developing based on the teaching. My 2 true teachers have been my Mother and Mother Nature.
    Nature of Mother
    Mother, of Nature, Bestowed to Nurture,
    You Taught Me Everything I Know.
    Not of Nature, But the Nature of Nature,
    And Everyday I Grow.
    Everything I Do, by Nature,
    Is All Because of You
    Everything I Do, by Nature,
    Must Be Credited to You

    Mother Will
    Mother, in Heaven, Still Teaching Every Day.
    I Live on Still Learning in Every Way.
    Tomorrow, No Different than the Day Before.
    I Live on With the Free Will to Explore

    Insult Quotient Test
    To insult My Mother, is to insult My intelligence.
    The only way to insult Me, is to insult My intelligence.

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