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The much celebrated Women's Day!

No thank you !
We don't need a 'Women's Day'!
We don't want a favor- 'Ladies first' !
We don't want a complement of 'fairer gender' !
No Thankyou Mr P. Chidambaram! We don't want women exclusive banks!
Don't absolve yourself from the responsibility of committing safety, law and order to control the wide/wild spread chauvinism, rage, dopamine overdrive of unfairer gender so that women en masse can feel like normal human beings and exercise their fundamental rights- take birth and die naturally, grow, get education, employment of their choice and live life with pride , dignity and equality....all 365 days!


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    Mar 12 2013: .
    Our life goal is to keep our DNA alive.

    To a new carrier of DNA (child), women contribute:
    . (1) A half of its DNA.
    . (2) The whole of its body constituents.

    Why not "much celebrated" ?
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      Mar 12 2013: I really respect your point of view W. Ying! I too have no reservations on celebrating the women kind so worth reverence . However, my submission is more like - Keeping a fast , abstinence from food to cleanse our system, while we know how important it is for our body. Hope you would understand my quest now!
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        Mar 13 2013:

        Yes. Anything has an optimal point for "keeping our DNA alive".

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