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The much celebrated Women's Day!

No thank you !
We don't need a 'Women's Day'!
We don't want a favor- 'Ladies first' !
We don't want a complement of 'fairer gender' !
No Thankyou Mr P. Chidambaram! We don't want women exclusive banks!
Don't absolve yourself from the responsibility of committing safety, law and order to control the wide/wild spread chauvinism, rage, dopamine overdrive of unfairer gender so that women en masse can feel like normal human beings and exercise their fundamental rights- take birth and die naturally, grow, get education, employment of their choice and live life with pride , dignity and equality....all 365 days!


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    Mar 9 2013: Thanks for appreciating the thought on gender equality Feyisayo! My point is not that celebrating Women's day is a bad idea, the point is till when would we make women rejoice with such fake baits and do nothing substantial to really make difference in day to day life. We are still falling short in providing police protection to women, commit safety, policies and culture which uplifts their stance n stature in the society.
    So till government does that, we don't want to be impressed by regressive, frilly and frothy measures which make no real difference! Hope that clarifies my point. :-)

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