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Creating a simplified (as possible) understanding of the global banking system and the way economics work.

I'd love to hear a TED talk that explains the financial system in a way that is clear, concise and can be taught to a 6th grader. Maybe I'm reaching, but I don't mind :)

I think so many of my own struggles with finance stem from a lack of understanding the principles that found the system of monetary exchange the world operates on.

Informed people make better decisions. That's my theory. So, the idea I'm proposing is to seek out the person or team of individuals who could present the scenario of our economic system in a fun, simple, and relevant way using examples that we can all understand and relate to down to a Jr. High level, and then, to give us advice on ways we can fundamentally change our and our communities' economic health for the better, for the long run.


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  • Mar 12 2013: I believe that anything too complicated to (easily) grasp hasn't advanced beyond a socially primitive stage, until it's made intuitive to most people. This is true even of technologically "advanced" systems if they're over-complicated. And it might be especially true of closed systems.

    The best way to clearly explain the financial system is to transform it to be remarkably elegant. And this will happen with strategies that smartly simplify and open the financial systems. Too few eyes are why it grows complicated.

    Here's a few analogies, trends, and examples of how and why financial systems will change for the better and their "mysteries" disappear:

    Better banking:


    With enough eyes, all bugs are shallow:


    Socially-responsible business:


    Transparent businesses:


    You can message me if you have any questions about these.


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