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Creating a simplified (as possible) understanding of the global banking system and the way economics work.

I'd love to hear a TED talk that explains the financial system in a way that is clear, concise and can be taught to a 6th grader. Maybe I'm reaching, but I don't mind :)

I think so many of my own struggles with finance stem from a lack of understanding the principles that found the system of monetary exchange the world operates on.

Informed people make better decisions. That's my theory. So, the idea I'm proposing is to seek out the person or team of individuals who could present the scenario of our economic system in a fun, simple, and relevant way using examples that we can all understand and relate to down to a Jr. High level, and then, to give us advice on ways we can fundamentally change our and our communities' economic health for the better, for the long run.


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    Mar 9 2013: Lies are better hidden when they are in a pile of jargons, bureaucracy and endless paper trail.
    But real things do have a twist to them that may make it difficult to understand with the mind of a child.
    It is good to strive for understanding; however, too much knowledge could lead to more questions and confusion than nearer to helpful understanding.
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      Mar 9 2013: If Man can figure-out how to fly to the Moon and back surely he can get a grasp on how the Federal Reserve System functions. I think Mr. Pipkin's idea has a good chance for success.And, boy would it be good for the world!
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      Mar 9 2013: I agree that lies are certainly best hidden when the surrounding context is as confusing as quantum physics, and as subject to change as the universe itself. However, that's why I believe it's necessary for us to uncoil this vast subject at it's core and begin to teach it to one another and to our children so that they can grow into their own knowledge of it and not have it dominate their or our lives from behind closed doors.

      I can't help it. I seek knowledge which leads to wisdom which leads to understanding. It's in the soul.


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