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Is a shadow a three-dimensional object? I am proposing that we are 3 "objects" in one being. We are the light, the body and the shadow

A shadow is a 3d object, because we live in a 3d world right?

So that means they have, length, width, height, volume and mass?

And the body is just "shadow" or matter that reflects light, like a mirror, or the moon


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    Mar 11 2013: You mention 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions but what about fractal dimensions?
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      Mar 11 2013: Need more info.... can you explain more to what you mean ....I will study more ...it there a ted talk about it or just the 2 ones about fractals them self
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      Mar 11 2013: real quick this sounds like my "is our math wrong" conversation...... since all units of measurement are arbitrary ....where do we start?
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      Mar 11 2013: Sorry keep reading more and getting questions or ideas ......are you saying that a shadow functions in fractal dimensions ....makes sense to me
      • Mar 12 2013: Spaces get very high-dimensional, very fast. But fractal remains 2D, anything more than that can be visualized in N dimensions. 2D fractal is like entire system in a single point, where the third dimension is volume of increased probability of density. That's the idea of fractal , it shows self similarity on different scales. Nature is fractal, no need to multiply extra dimensions here or it can be seen as extra dimensions, it's the matter of choice.
        Hence the joke, i've posted to Ed, who suggests : "as "dimension-ality" increases 4th , 5th 6th time/space are not. then Only existence is "

        Just thoughts :)
      • Mar 14 2013: That's maybe true.
        The question arises, where do we get this belief from , instantly ... to make it real ?
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          Mar 14 2013: "god created it for us so we could "understand" his perspective. Because that's all anyone can do it give their perspective.

          This all got created because we reflect self .....which is just god we reflect god/light ....which is why we are created in his imagine. And if you take the biblical route women was created from man because we man/women come from one and are each other's equal but opposite reaction to self. Since we came from the same "self"
      • Mar 14 2013: Yes.., and i am that one/many anyone to give my perspective :
        "god created it for us ..."
        God is creating it for Itself instantly and 'explore' different perspectives through anyone/everything.
        I mean not only humans are involved, but everything/anything in its own unique way is ITS image.
        I can't say i understand it, just stand under :)

        " the light came into being by itself, established [itself], and appeared in their image."

        "Time is the theatre of God's becoming "
        I am comfortable with ' resonance ', standing under , i don't push it to understanding.
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          Mar 14 2013: Can you explain more

          "Time is the theatre of God's becoming "
          I am comfortable with ' resonance ', standing under , i don't push it to understanding.
      • Mar 15 2013: " Standingunder' is Sufi's word/notion, Ed Schulte mentioned it once and i had this ' Bingo ! ' click in my mind, that's what i have sometimes - ' standingunder'.
        It means that i don't understand " Time is the theater of God's becoming " rationally or i do, but i need tuns of words to explain what i understand.. It's like ' the seer is the seen ' , you have a picture, that resonates with what you may call truth, it has this quality of authenticity. Like here : Time is the moving image of Eternity "
        And you know, the bigger the picture the lower the resolution. If i zoom in and try to grasp it rationally , in details i am loosing the picture . In a way ' standingunder VS understanding ", but the bright side of it is that you can recognise the pattern via the law of correspondence or fractals. Maybe i don't understand..., but i have something to measure my understanding of many other things.

        I have serious doubts that it's helpful, unless you know from your own experience what i am talking about :)
        • Mar 15 2013: Hi nn

          Yes "a-prior"

          known before all "coming into form."

          After all we are that which we are observing as "coming into form" as all level of the "theatre of God" This was Avicenna pointer in that link the other day.

          Be Well Be Present
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          Mar 15 2013: Do you know what it means to look through the would as the ultimate observer?
      • Mar 16 2013: ' ultimate OBSERVER must be someone in the closest position ever possible to the OBSERVED.
        ' would ' is the clearest vision of ' will be' as a certainty.
        Is it humanly possible ?
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          Mar 19 2013: Yes, but I would not recommend it without guidance and I am not sure I could help you via internet
      • Mar 29 2013: Is it a special technique ?
        Could you tell, at least something ?

        Thank you !
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          Mar 30 2013: Its not a special technique, its coming to realize a lot of truths. I don't think I could consciously do it over the internet maybe with skype...maybe.

          But once again I have a hard time going into exact detail because it is both a journey inward as well as a "physical world journey". And without the right coping skills, you could spiral out of control. Either become extremely suicidal or loose sense of reality. This is why I have a hard time guiding you or mentoring you on this path. It is not something I would recommend for everyone and truthfully I am not sure anyone should do it, it was a path that i chose freely and willingly. That being said I am only telling you this because; I respect you very much. And believe you have a very strong grasp of reality, while realizing a lot of other truths.

          Re-read this and trying to realize all of the implications that it is saying not just the words:
          Its realizing that everything is refection of self, even when things are not "self reflective". The material world is a "mirror" reflecting light back out at you. Its realizing its your own light that is is shining back at you for you reflect self. You are shining light out as it comes into you. Its realizing that all past life's, all current life, and all future life is you. It's realizing that you are death yourself. That you are both judge and executioner. It realizing that all of this was created to figure out existence on some fundamental way. Its realizing that all gods have been saying that we are one, when even they did not know fully the implications. Because it is hard to counter something that can counter your every move. Which is just you. It realizing that how ever you want to define this reality it is "real" and yet as "fake" as the heavens we have been promised. Its realizing that we are the equal but opposite reaction to the gods. And if this reality did not exist that reality would not exist. For we created each other, because we are co-creators.
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          Mar 30 2013: Also where did you get the image is 0 from? At the time that you wrote it it just made sense to me, but I was wondering if you had more information on this?

          My email address cs3@email.com if you want to email me directly
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          Mar 30 2013: I guess if there was one technique I would recommend if you already are not it would be gain level 3 Reiki. You definitely need be able to work with your own energy, because it will "wake' up your whole body.
      • Mar 31 2013: "...where did you get the image is 0 from?"
        Image is imaginative facility, is no proof that i know what i am talking about.
        Knowing can be described as seeing ' no things'

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