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Is a shadow a three-dimensional object? I am proposing that we are 3 "objects" in one being. We are the light, the body and the shadow

A shadow is a 3d object, because we live in a 3d world right?

So that means they have, length, width, height, volume and mass?

And the body is just "shadow" or matter that reflects light, like a mirror, or the moon


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  • Mar 16 2013: what do you mean your own light? your body emits no light it just gets a reflected beam of the light source and for that whole philosophical idea it's pretty interesting to think of the world like that but it is simply not true the world is only what your mind makes of it that's true but there are many minds all living together not your individual making it up you are simply perceiving what information you are getting according to the perception you were raised with
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      Mar 17 2013: Would the source light be your own? And your body does emit light if it didn't you would not see your own reflection in a mirror. Once you realize that all light is you and that you are also the source light you might be able to reach the "christ consciousness" but you need to realize that everything is a mirror its fact or science not philosophy although science is just philosophy as well. Sure set and setting has effect, but what happens when you realize you have lived all lives? " Its realizing that all past life's, all current life, and all future life is you." Do you think its time to stop and reassess what actually is going on here? The material world is a mirror shining light into your eye, the source of where the light is .....is everywhere including you. Every seen your reflection in a piece of glass, where is that image coming from if you are not self reflective?

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