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Is a shadow a three-dimensional object? I am proposing that we are 3 "objects" in one being. We are the light, the body and the shadow

A shadow is a 3d object, because we live in a 3d world right?

So that means they have, length, width, height, volume and mass?

And the body is just "shadow" or matter that reflects light, like a mirror, or the moon


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    Mar 9 2013: Hello,

    If this question would be about metaphysics of perception, we could assume that shadow becomes an object thanks to our ability of noticing it (during our analytical way of perceiving whole world);

    and this shadow becomes three-dimensional – just because it is an element of our three-dimensional world, it is not just about its dimensions as length and width – but also about stereoscopic seeing.

    According to Francis Crick (as far as perceiving of the world’s dimensions are concerned) if we’re using just one eye (without stereoscopic seeing) objects we’re seeing are flat and 2-dimensional (obviously we still have 3-dimensional picture of them in our mind);
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      Mar 10 2013: Yes and that is how the eye is formed we see 2 2d picturespatterns one from one eye and one from the other eye. Then those 2 images seek similar patterns and combined them to create a 3d stereoscopic image


      With out the 2 images everything would be 2d

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